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The Socialgist platform provides access to the world’s most valuable sources of intelligence and makes it easy for you to refine into valuable insights.


RESTful APIs are a popular and efficient way to receive data. Clients filter their data with search terms allowing them to pull data on demand.

Choose your focus

Narrow your feed with search terms to filter out the noise and narrow it down to exactly what you need. Pinpoint accuracy helps you zero in on the information you need to advance your goals and satisfy consumers.

Choose your frequency

Monitor and receive results of your  filtered data every minute, hour, or day. Whether you want a high-fidelity set of constant updates or snapshots on the state of social media periodically, we have a solution that will work for you.

Historic access

 Look back in time to build accurate predictive analytics. Understand the effectiveness of past initiatives to enable better future outcomes. Our infrastructure supports deep historical analysis.


Get real-time access to sources available nowhere else on the planet.  Our feeds support a diverse and growing set of use cases that are embraced by our most innovative customers.

Filtered feeds

Separate signal from the noise using our filtered feeds. Our advanced filtration capabilities deliver just the data you need when you need it.

High-volume feeds

Want it all? We offer full feeds from any of our contracted data sources. Get both the specific information you need and all available context in a nonstop flow of nearly real-time information. Full feeds make sure you never miss a single insight, developing the clearest and most complete picture of your brand’s identity on social media.

Compliance feeds

Our compliance feeds provide the real-time updates to ensure compliance with publisher terms of use.


Our world class development team can tailor solutions meet the most complex data management needs.

Data your way

Why hassle with changing your ingestion process or disrupting your data pipeline?   We take the pain out of integration so you can start using the data your way quickly.

Infrastructure services

We help our clients design, implement and support best-in-class infrastructure solutions. Our infrastructure keeps the world’s top analytics applications running round the clock.

Custom development

Looking for something more?  Our development team has the top data engineers in the world.  We’ve seen it all and can build what you need to make our platform work for you.


 The proliferation of SaaS apps used to run your business has resulted in a silo between these apps and your analytics. API Connectors bring your business apps together with your analytics enabling a full view of your business.

Extensive library

Choose from our vast collection of existing connectors to get your analytics going fast.  If we don’t have what you need, our engineers will create one for you.

Data enrichments

Enrichments give the data more dimensions and make it more useful.   Standard and custom enrichments available to deliver what you need.

Fully supported

Our API Connectors are fully managed and supported to ensure maximum availability and performance. Our staff provides around the clock support and manages both the known and unforeseen changes to SaaS APIs.

That’s the gist.

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