Provide enterprise grade access to world’s most popular social platforms

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Get unrivaled access to diverse data from a comprehensive portfolio of sources, standardized into an accessible and machine readable format.


The front page of the internet with deeply engaged community commenting

542 million monthly visitors


Commentary on and statistics  from the public pages of the world’s largest social network

1.44 billion monthly active users


Socialgist is one of only 7 companies in the YouTube Measurement Program

Offering rare access into insights from the world’s largest video platform


A collection of the world’s largest message boards with a focus on the automotive industry, these comments are invaluable to industry leaders


The largest independent commenting platform reacts to news in real-time

17 million average monthly page views

message boards

Millions of global communities debating every topic imaginable


China’s largest public social network

600 million users-82% of whom shop online


Reactions to China’s news with comments from China’s top news & video portal

889 million users

200+ review sites focused on commerce and travel


Japan’s leading textboard and social network with over 1,000 active boards

2.5 million posts every day


The largest social network and most visited site in Russia

5th most popular website in the world with over 440 million users


20MN bloggers track globally

Access rich global location data that can add a valuable dimension to social data

4chan – one of the largest English language message board platforms and where many of the world’s most viral social interactions begin.

Stock message boards and discussion groups. Serious investors discussing stocks, stock research and stock market news.

Unrivaled news and data reporting across print, digital, mobile, social and video, plus expert commentary and insights.

Comsenz offers integrated open source website applications including forums, portals, group discussions, personal space, advertising services, social games, and instant messaging. Comsenz serves customers throughout the world.

online news

45,000 sources of global, regional and local news

online news

The largest social network for investors and traders

The largest Chinese communication platform powered by market leading search technology

broadcast news

Transcripts of the US TV & radio market

And many more…

Connectors built for your needs

You don’t need to spend time establishing connectors between different sources or between our data and your software. Socialgist deals with the complexities of third-party APIs to help systems communicate smoothly and deliver your requested data in the format you require. Data from Socialgist is plug-and-play, ready for immediate analysis.

That’s the gist.

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