Accessible social data, with Socialgist.

We are the data access layer between social media networks and the analytics community, making it easy
for you to get access to the world’s public online conversational data.

The deepest data delivered

Get real-time updates about your social media content,
data streams, APIs and more. Here's how it works:

Data Ingestion

We structure data from the most diverse collection of social media sources in the industry.

Data Management

You get a configurable platform that standardizes and processes data from a variety of social sites.

Data Access

Your team can seamlessly integrate filtered content that is configured to best suit your business needs.

Data sources

Instant access to diverse content

We easily connect you to many thousands of leading content providers, while dealing with the complexity of third-party APIs to help systems interact effortlessly. The end result is your required data structured in the format you need.
Analyze Market Trends
Protect Brand Reputation
Understand your Audience
Social Media Monitoring

Use Cases

Up and running in no time

Whether you’re building a custom analytics platform or a social media tool, we make it easy to use APIs to quickly implement secure content through real-time delivery methods.

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