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The deepest data.

Social media is an invaluable source of raw, unfiltered data. Over 2.5 billion people worldwide use social media to share thoughts, opinions, tastes, milestones, and more. This unprecedented level of engagement and communication offers a host of new insights into how people, live, work, play, and feel. Trackable as trends and passed along the network, these insights can help brands engage with consumers like never before.

Socialgist provides the infrastructure to help your business access this vast new frontier of information. We extract any volume of raw data you need from social media sources like blogs, social networks, comments, and more, and deliver it at the desired interval and in any format, including REST APIs, filtered & full feeds, or custom solutions to suit your needs. We give your brand the data to maximize your market impact.

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Data Ingestion

Harvesting content from hundreds of millions of online sources

Data Management

Standardizing and processing data from diverse sites in 85 languages

Data Distribution

Delivering data to best suit each customer’s needs



RESTful APIs are a popular and efficient way to receive data. Clients filter their data with search terms and receive all uses of those terms from their selected sources at the frequency they require.

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Our feed services offer real-time access to sources available nowhere else on the planet. Our feeds support a diverse and growing set of use cases that are embraced by our most innovative customers.

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We bridge the gap between your unique needs and the data you need. We provide custom integrations that spare our customers the time, expense and hassle of building it themselves.

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The proliferation of SaaS apps used to run your business has resulted in a silo between these apps and your analytics. API connectors bring your apps together with your analytics enabling a full view of your business.

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