Powerful data aggregation

We collect, structure and organize data making it easy
to quickly implement secure content.

Use Cases

Data services for every business function

Analyze Market Trends

For businesses operating in an ever-evolving media culture, social data is crucial to understanding changes in product demand. Align your business plans to consumer attitudes by identifying new market trends.

Understand Your Audience

Discover your audience and know what they care about.
Get immediate feedback from your consumer so you can respond quickly and strategize effectively.

Custom Analytics

Our development team can tailor solutions that meet the most complex data management needs. We take the pain out of integration so you can start using the data seamlessly and quickly.

Protect Brand Reputation

Listen to the voice of your customers across all channels.
Develop strategies that will help you get ahead of and contain emerging customer service issues.

Business Intelligence

API Connectors bring your business apps together with your analytics enabling a full view of your business. Monitor what people are saying about your brand.

Product Development

Gone are the days when product managers dreamed up new products in a vacuum. In leading enterprises, social data is a key ingredient in product design and decision making.


Easily integrate our APIs

Socialgist makes millions of conversations from across the social Web available via search APIs and streams, all with great documentation and support.
  • curl --user apikey:$MC_socialgist_KEY
  • -H 'Authorization: AccessKey test_gshuPaZoeEG6ovbc8 M79w0QyM'
  • -d ``recipients=31612345678``
  • -d ``originator=YourName``
  • -d ``subject=Check out this cool API``
  • -d ``body=Have you seen this logo?``
  • -d ``mediaUrls`{``}`=https://www.socialgist.com/assets/ images/og/socialgist.gif``

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