Your complete data stream platform

The Socialgist platform provides access to the world’s most diverse sources of social media data and real-time messaging.

Data Governance

Socialgist partners with social platforms to help ensure that your data
usage is licensed, compliant and privacy-safe. Discover our data tools:

Search APIs

Search and filter specific data

Explore data from millions of blogs, forums and social networks with easy-to-use APIs that offer normalized
data and uniform metadata for your application.

  • Search and filter the data you need
  • Get daily or hourly updates of your filtered data
  • Build accurate and predictive analytics with
    historical indexes

Filtered Feeds

Stay up to date with the latest content

When you need a continuous, streaming feed of filtered data that matches your keywords or other criteria, filtered feeds keep your data store up to date with the latest
relevant posts and comments.

  • Manage your filtering rules via a dashboard or API
  • Connect to a Streaming API to deliver JSON Data
  • Never miss data with a rolling 24-hour stream buffer

Full Feeds

Get all of your data in one place

For use cases that require open-ended discovery of trends and themes in social data, we deliver unfiltered, full feeds containing all of the data from a particular data product.

  • Great for clustering conversation by topic or community,
    training natural language processing engines, and other
    data science use cases
  • Use your own filtering engine to refine full-feed data
    from Socialgist and other data sources consistently
  • Archive data for historical lookback and baselining

API Connectors

Bring all of your apps into your business analytics

The proliferation of SaaS apps used to run your business has resulted in a disconnect between these apps and
your analytics. API Connectors bring your business apps together with your analytics enabling a full view of
your business.

  • Extensive connector libraries for faster analytics
  • Standard and custom enrichments available
  • Fully managed and supported to get maximum
    availability and performance

Custom Integrations

Get the data you need your way

Our world class development team can tailor solutions that meet the most complex data management needs.
We take the pain out of integration so you can start using the data seamlessly and quickly.

  • Get the data you need the way that you want it
  • Our infrastructure keeps analytics applications
    running around the clock
  • We can design our platform to work for you

Our content partners make our platform a success.

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Become a content partner