Integrate Socialgist 90% Faster with Datastreamer’s Pre-built Pipelines

By Aaron Strat on January 26 2024 on

Note: this article was contributed to our site by the Datastreamer team.

Socialgist has partnered with Datastreamer’s ETL & pipeline platform for unstructured data to make it even easier for the analytics community to integrate conversational data. 

Datastreamer’s pre-built connector to Socialgist can save you hundreds of engineering hours when integrating conversational data into your SaaS products or analytics tools. Additionally, you can tap into a selection of NLP & AI models that enhance the value of your Socialgist data.

About Datastreamer

Datastreamer’s pipeline platform unifies unstructured data from different sources and delivers it to your products – in a structured, enriched, and searchable format. 

Founded by engineers & data product leaders, Datastreamer shares our vision of removing technical barriers for the analytics community to tap into a blue ocean of unstructured & conversational data. Datastreamer is the pipeline backbone of market-leading innovators in the social listening and threat intelligence space.

What this means for Socialgist users:

Cruelty-free data pipelines for conversational data

For teams endeavoring to leverage web & social media streams for insights, Socialgist grants access to conversational data without the necessity to scrape data yourself. Naturally, you will also need a “pipeline” that moves & transforms data into your desired destination. 

Socialgist feeds already come in a structured package that are accessible through API endpoints, so creating your own connector is not overly daunting.

Bear in mind, however, that working with multiple feeds (dark web, twitter/x, PDFs) requires individual pipelines for each disparate data type. Those separate sources have varying structures, and without an integration platform that consolidates unstructured data streams, teams have historically relied on individual DIY pipelines to manage each separate connector.

Engineering tasks are thus multiplied (i.e. API maintenance, transformation scripts, and DevOps) which drains time from roadmaps that are presumably already tight. And when you scale to handle millions of data points, your homegrown system might become an infrastructure bottleneck that diverts your team from product development work. 

Datastreamer liberates engineers from this cruel manual work of building pipelines from scratch. You can skip reinventing the wheel with a pre-built infrastructure and concentrate on enhancing your core product.

These are some of the specific integration challenges that Datastreamer solves:

1. Combine Socialgist feeds with other data: 

Load unstructured text from diverse sources like chat transcripts, PDF’s, or other real-time feeds – with a single pipeline platform – instead of building individual pipelines for each source.

  • Incoming data from different sources will be transformed in real-time into a consistent schema that meets your specified requirements. 

2. Connect Socialgist data to internal tools (BigQuery, Databricks)

The major obstacle in transferring external data into your systems is dealing with the different formats each source uses, which typically don’t fit your internal setup.

If you’re planning to transfer Socialgist data into a storage or analytics platform like BigQuery, Datastreamer simplifies this process with ready-to-use connectors..

  • This streamlines the creation of custom dashboards, precise queries, or alerts with tools your team is already familiar with.
  • Additionally, this makes it possible to combine external data with internal data that already lives in your data storage systems – opening the door to innovative business intelligence that extends beyond the confines of data generated internally.

3. Build enterprise-grade pipelines for Socialgist data

Founded by data product engineers, Datastreamer was crafted specifically to handle the boundlessly large volumes and unique technical complexities of feeding unstructured text into your data ecosystem.

Their pipeline platform gives you the lego blocks – and the glue – to stitch together production-ready pipelines that you can run at scale on a managed infrastructure:

  • Pipeline management: Features include workflow orchestration and advanced monitoring & debugging capabilities. 
  • Security and compliance: Datastreamer’s pipeline technology was built in partnership with Google and meets common compliance measures such as SOC 2. Additionally, there are pipeline components offered by partners that help companies reach HIPAA and GDPR requirements. 

Free sample data + Free trial

Everyone loves free goodies, and Datastreamer has made it possible for you to test Socialgist data in a couple ways:

  • Instantly query sample data: Get a “Sandbox” API key from Datastreamer and immediately run queries on a static sample dataset from Socialgist.
  • 14-day free trial (+ data credits): Get a full-access trial to Datastreamer’s platform, which includes data credits for live Socialgist feeds and a personalized onboarding session from one of their technical managers to get your pipelines running.