Global Brands Tap Socialgist’s “Certified Weibo Data Program” for Access to China’s Public Data

Socialgist, the leading global source for Social Media Content confirmed today their “Certified Weibo Data Program” which enables global brands access to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) public data including Weibo Corporation ( Socialgist is currently the only official Weibo data provider outside of China. The program created by Socialgist shows their commitment to global brands that rely on deep measurement and research of social content generated in Weibo. The “Certified Weibo Data Program” has quickly proven to allow the brands to be more effective at doing business in China.

The partnership Socialgist has developed with Weibo confirms an understanding by the Chinese microblogging platform that their content offers substantial value to international partners. Weibo has established itself as the most influential social network in the PRC claiming 67 million daily users, 143 million monthly active users and is the source of major news events in China. The growing power and interaction of Weibo excites the global brands and the ability for it to provide tremendous insight when it comes to doing business in China.

“Our global partners know that the content from Weibo is irreplaceable,” says Darren Kelly, President of Socialgist. “They rely on that content to make decisions, so it has been our priority to activate the “Certified Weibo Data Program” to enable our partners broader access to Weibo activity.”

Socialgist publicly announced that they had emerged as the first official provider of social data from microblogging platform, Weibo on October 2, 2013. Since that date Socialgist has created a more extensive program with the “Certified Weibo Data Program” to enable Socialgist’s global partners even further access to the Weibo content. Socialgist delivers the content to its partners with top of the line filtering and real-time management through the Socialgist custom portals.

Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships Alan Godfrey of Bazaarvoice, a Socialgist customer leveraging the “Certified Weibo Partner Program” notes, “China is a strategic market for many of our clients and there’s a strong appetite for accessible social media content that can facilitate a better understanding of the dynamic consumer trends in China and the broader Asia-Pacific region. Adding social data from Weibo helps us deliver a more comprehensive view of the vibrant public conversations our clients need to effectively engage consumers and deliver the products and services that meet their needs.”

One Bazaarvoice customer, Global Brand Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc., has seen an immediate value from access to Socialgist’s new “Certified Weibo Data Program.” Abbey Reider the Director of Global Social Strategy states, “China is our fastest growing hotel market and also the world’s number one source market for tourism spending, so we are focused on taking every opportunity to build loyalty with domestic and international Chinese travelers. Social media has consistently proven to be one of our most successful engagement strategies. With the opportunity to capture and display Weibo content, we’re able to extend our lead in China and throughout the Asia-Pacific region by powering our brand through the real-world experiences of customers.”

Other customers of Socialgist such as Netbase and Prime Research have similarly noted the importance of leveraging the “Certified Weibo Data Program” for their global clients.
Mark Weiner, CEO of PRIME Research commented, “We have seen a growing demand from our global clients for strategic guidance wherever and whenever they do business. We believe our partnership with Socialgist will allow PRIME to offer the China social media insights that are critical to our clients.”

PernilleBruun-Jensen, NetBase CMO. “Accurate social intelligence is now mandatory for world-class brands, agencies and global enterprises to operate at the speed of social and those that want to track, analyze and leverage the social conversations taking place in China need to track the interactions of Weibo. We are proud to be involved in the only Partner Program that can enable this insight.”

Socialgist offers Weibo data through multiple delivery options on a scalable platform that has been built to meet the needs of the most demanding users of social data. Email to learn more.

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